We seek to maximize results and minimize costs.


Corporate objective

The general objective of All Supply of Venezuela is to offer the best solutions, products, and services procurement, logistics and consulting national and internationalin the areas: oil, maritime, commercial, and medical, in order to meet the needs of our clients and generate well-being in the community.


We aim to...

Maintain excellence in the processes that make up the supply chain required by end users, through the formation of a team of highly trained professionals.

Design and implement systems and processes based on technological innovation and quality to comply with the standards, norms and requirements established in our country and worldwide.

To establish a management system that efficiently and effectively has the best tools and processes for logistics business management and the relationship with our employees, our customers, the environment and the community.


La Florida e/c, las Acacias y Apamates, sector Menca de Leoni parcelamiento La Florida.

+58 (412) 126 0070 /+1 (786) 220 4932