We are a company that provides integral solutions of national and international services and logistics in the oil, industrial, maritime, commercial and medical areas.

All Supply Venezuela C.A is committed to providing comprehensive procurement and national and international logistics solutions in the oil, petrochemical, industrial, maritime, commercial, and medical sectors, Our focus aligns with the current context and strategic direction of the company, ensuring customer satisfaction by meeting quality, timing, and safety requirements. Our dedicated and skilled team continuously improves the quality management system. 

"Our motivation is to help you in every aspect of your company, in any of the areas we work in, we always seek to maximize results and minimize expenses."


Within our experience, ACCORDING TO THE CURRENT SITUATION OF THE COUNTRY, we can offer you different options.


Our mission

Our Mission is to provide comprehensive solutions in procurement and national and international logistics services in the oil, petrochemical, industrial, maritime, commercial, and medical sectors. These solutions aim to enhance our clients’ competitiveness by fulfilling their requirements, supported by a professional and trained human resource, ensuring their satisfaction and the profitability of our company.

Our vision

All Supply Venezuela will be a leading company that provides comprehensive solutions in national and international procurement and logistics services, specializing in the supply of products and equipment in the oil, petrochemical, industrial, maritime, commercial, and medical sectors. We fulfill our clients’ requirements and are recognized for the excellence of our services and the capabilities of our team, generating value for our shareholders, employees, and the community



Demonstrated in our daily actions.


Fulfilling in a transparent manner, the laws, rules, and the promise made to the customer.


Maintaining our commitment, punctuality, consistency, discipline and respect for the rules.

Human quality

Interacting in harmony, with tolerance and respect, with a high spirit of service and teamwork. Actions focused on the customer.

Social responsibility

We care about the environment, we respect the environment, we generate social programs, we invest in the locality creating value for society.


We are always creating and innovating, generating better ways to optimize our products and services.



La Florida e/c, las Acacias y Apamates, sector Menca de Leoni parcelamiento La Florida.

+58 (412) 126 0070 /+1 (786) 220 4932